Talk with After School Matters

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This past Saturday I had the chance to give a talk and workshop to some students in the After School Matters program, and I had a wonderful time. We started by understanding the difficulties of trying to find out what you want to become, and how hard it can be to pursue that once you know it. And what we found out was very positive and reassuring. Because once you understand the difficulties, you stop being afraid of them. I encouraged all of them to never give up and to keep moving no matter what. It is easier to find oneself and what it is that you want to become by doing things: getting jobs, studying, creating.. than by standing on the sidelines. In return, they gave me a warm welcome and a great tour around their High School, and I have to say, I was greatly impressed by the things they do: in sports, in arts, performance, and so many other departments.

We did some visual note-taking exercises to understand how listening can become an action where the brain is engaged, instead of a passive reaction. This part was really fun, and at the same time, they got to find out more about one of the many paths that one can follow with a career in the arts. We talked and did some exercises on storytelling, museum education, and illustration. And last and most importantly they showed me their own websites and their own work, - these kids are good!

It was a great inspiration to meet them and find out more about what they do and the role of After School Matters. I am now a fan of this organization, thank you everyone and stay in touch!